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Gift Giving in Lockdown

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Inspired by my recent 20th birthday, I thought I would share some ideas as to how you can still make your loved ones feel appreciated & celebrated, even from miles away.

(1) Cards!

When you’re out on you (essential) shopping trip, pick up a card which reminds you of someone you love. Whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, they’re recovering from COVID, or they’ve sadly lost someone. Whatever the occasion, everyone loves receiving cards! Write a loving message and stick it in the post. If you want to do something more creative, and somewhat less effort, get a personalised Moonpig card! Send someone a card with photos of you both all from the comfort of your home.

(2) Care Packages

My friend recently sent me the cutest care package with a face mask, tea, jewellery, loads of cute little niknaks. These kind of gifts are very popular on small business sites like Etsy! Sellers will use a little postbox sized box and fill it with lovely things and ship it off to whomever you choose. It’s such a cute idea & it’s so exciting to open up all the little wrapped gifts.

(3) Postbox Brownies

Did you know you can get brownies or cookies or cupcakes in the mail?! I think the brownies are the most popular, since a slab of brownies fits so perfectly in a little postbox-sized box! I think the best way to do it is to search ‘postbox brownies + [whatever city the recipient is in]’. You get to support a local business & send sweet treats to someone you love. Also, no judgement if you order some for yourself too!

(4) e-Gift Cards

So what if you don’t know what you want to get someone? Usually, you’d just buy a gift card and put it in their birthday card, right? But now, all you want to do is stay home in bed and not face Tesco on a Sunday morning. In comes e-gift cards! If you have their email, you can choose a store they like and send them a gift card. Or if you don’t even know what store to choose, you can send them a VISA e-gift card which they can use on almost any online store!

(5) Food!

So you have a Facetime call with a friend and you notice they are having a really awful day. What do you do? Open up Deliveroo and order them their favourite meal! Grab them a pizza, a waffle, some bubble tea. Whatever it is, they will appreciate it so much when they get that knock at the door and open it up to food. Alternatively, get them a gift-card as above for their favorite restaurant or food delivery app!

Note: these ideas all centre around spending money to get someone you love a gift but PLEASE don’t think you have too! Sending someone a message, or giving them a call, is just as amazing and sometimes even more needed. These ideas are simply for when you want to get them a little something and not at all a replacement for just reaching out to them.

Stay safe x

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything to do with law, specifically the route to the…
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