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Getting used to Studying from Home

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In light of recent events, many students have returned home and are in lockdown with their families. However, with deadlines still looming, and many exams still fixed in place, a lot of us are having to study at home for the first time since A-Levels. What with all the madness going on, being locked in with our well-meaning (but often very hectic) relatives can be a source of strain, particularly when there’s work to be done. Since this is something I’m sure a lot of us are struggling to get used to, I thought I would share some tips on how to try and study to the best of your abilities under the given circumstances. 


1) Have a set study space 

This will help you separate work from leisure. Studying in bed will mess with your sleeping cycle, and you’re more likely to be productive if you set up a specific place that you associate with revision or essay-writing. Don’t just assert this in your own mind, but also in your family’s! That way, they’re less likely to interrupt or distract you. 


2) Be firm

Just because you’re back home, it doesn’t mean you are doing nothing. If your parents are complaining that you’re ‘basically on holiday’ while they have to work from home, it won’t hurt to show them exactly what workload it is you’re under. From their perspective, offer to do a couple of jobs around the house to help out. We’re all stuck in this together, it’s best to meet in the middle!


3) Take regular breaks 

This is important in any form of study, but especially now that we’re virtually stuck indoors. Make your breaks centred around your well-being. You could focus on trying out a new hobby, or perhaps picking up an old one. Don’t forget to use your daily permitted exercise wisely! 


4) Put together a great playlist 

If you’ve got your parents in a conference call next door, or a younger sibling making a racket, the best way to block it out is with a really good playlist. Stuck for ideas? Have a look at my blog post from last year about how to put together the perfect revision playlist:


This is a difficult time for all of us, so I hope these tips bring just a little bit of help to anyone struggling with their new study routine! 




Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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