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Getting through a second lockdown!

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Hi everyone!

Long time, no see! I know it’s been a few months since I last posted on here but let me just fill you in on what’s been going on the since term started.

So, I started my final year of my undergraduate degree and honestly academically the last 2 months have been a bit of a whirlwind (but more on that in the next blog!)

My entire course (lectures & seminars) has all been online since the beginning of term and is more than likely to stay that way for the rest of the year. 🙁

My department in particular has tried really hard to make the teaching and content even more engaging than usual due to these circumstances but an unfortunate side effect of online/virtual learning is that the only reason I have now to leave the house is for my weekly food shop!

My highlight in October was a mini-Halloween party with my housemates and we also organised a fun day out in Birmingham (following the government guidelines) to celebrate my friend’s 21 birthday with mini golf and fancy food and drinks! (When it reopens, I’d definitely recommend the Alchemist Bar to anyone who wants a different sort of night out 🙂 )

And that brings us to November and the 2 national lockdown. I hope everyone is staying safe and following the rules so hopefully we can all regain a little normalcy in time for the holidays.

Having said that, I understand how frustrating, isolating and lonely lockdowns can be (especially if like me, you do feel trapped indoors) and so I’ve compiled a little list of what I’ve been doing during lockdown to stay stimulated and refreshed.

N.B. – I’m aware there’s 100s of posts like this but everyone is different so hopefully there’s something here that you can find relatable or inspired by!

1) Go for a walk – the one that I find the hardest to stick to but going for a walk every few days is the best way for me to unwind and also feel refreshed and just to simply give me a change of scenery from staring at my noticeboard.

2) Get off your laptop/iPad/ computer – with a lot of our courses being online it’s obvious that we’ll be spending more time online and staring at that pesky blue light emitting from our screens much more each day, so it’s important to schedule time away from them just to give our eyes a break. For me, that’s usually reading a book, doing a little workout in my room or something like a jigsaw or board games. My housemates and I recently did a jigsaw together (which took us way too long to complete- it was really difficult!) but was so much fun because it was just something completely different than what we normally do!

3) Set routines – whilst it feels like we can have so much more freedom/time during lockdown, I’ve found that I waste much more time when I don’t have a clear plan of what I want to achieve during the day (especially weekdays)

4) Study groups – if you’re living with other people or sharing halls of residence, I find it really productive to work alongside other people and it’s been proven that this can actually help productivity as people feel more accountable and responsible to get their work done!

I hope those tips have been a little bit useful in helping everyone get through this lockdown and feel free to add your ways to stay busy and stimulated, I’d love to hear from you guys!

Simi x

IndiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Ask me any questions you have about psychology, being an…
Find out more about me Contact Simran

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