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Getting the most from an open day – talk to students!

The summer open days are taking place on the 22and 23June. I would recommend all prospective students to attend one; they are a great way to see campus, visit the academic departments and get a feel of what it’s like to be a student! Hands down, my tip top piece of open day advice is to talk to as many students as possible. Each day there will be hundreds of student ambassadors scattered around to answer any questions you may have. Students are honest and passionate and give a real insight into Warwick life. In this post I have combined some examples questions you may like to ask, some of which are questions I regularly get asked as a student ambassador. 

In departments

Many departments have their own squad of ambassadors on hand to demonstrate experiments (e.g in physics and chemistry) and to answer questions. 

·     How is the course organised?

·     How many people are on the course?

·     Is there scope for choosing modules?

·     What support is offered by academic staff and personal tutors?

·     What is the style of teaching and learning like?

·     Is there any subject specific extracurricular activities or work experience on offer?

·     What reading or preparation should I do?

·     Do you like the course? What’s your personal experience of studying?

·     How did you find the transition from school to university?

On campus tours

I would really recommend getting a campus tour when you arrive. This gives you the lay of the land and allows you to spot which facilities you would like to return to on your own. It is also a great opportunity to listen to a student tell you what it’s like to be a student on campus. They will be more than happy to answer your questions too! Personally, when I am delivering a campus tour I love it when students and their families ask me questions about my personal experiences here.

·     What societies and sports clubs are you involved with?

·     How does first year accommodation work?

·     Where did you live after first year?

·     What support is on offer to find off campus accommodation?

·     What is the nightlife like on campus?

·     What it is like being at a campus university?

·     How was the transition to independent, student living?

·     How did you find making friends?

·     Do you like it here?

In accommodation

Several of the accommodation blocks will be open on the days. You will be able to have a short tour through them and will also have the opportunity to ask the student ambassadors more specialised questions to do with accommodation.

·     What was it like when you lived here?

·     What things did you bring to university that you couldn’t be without?

·     How did you find communal living?

·     What was it like to share a bathroom?

·     How easy was it to make friends with your flatmates?

·     How far does it take to walk to places around campus?

Out and about

As well as being situated in academic building and halls, there will also be a whole hoard of students positioned at info points and around campus. Feel free to grab one to ask any of the burning questions you may have! The last students you see will probably be in the park and ride queue so don’t leave it too late.

·     Where are the nearest bus stops, train stations, shops etc?

·     What do you think about being a student here?

·     Are you happy here?

·     What’s your favourite thing about being a Warwick student?

If you are coming on one of the open days next week, I hope that you have a wonderful day. Hopefully the weather will be fine as campus is truly stunning when it’s sunny and bustling. I’ll be working both the days so please come say hello if you spot me!

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