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Getting stuck back into it

Now the fun of Christmas and new years is over it’s back to reality (boooo). It’s time to set those early alarms and get ready for the 7am rise to make it for that 9am from Leam. The panic starts to set in for the Christmas essays set with the hope you’ll be organised and write it over summer but as always you save it until the last week.

But that’s enough of the bad, now for some good. Friends reunite from all corners of the UK and the world! Everyone comes back home to the uni house and for those lucky enough to live in halls it’s back to unlimited heating. For those elsewhere it’s time to penguin huddle again. The heating is just an excuse I use to have a duvet day everyday. So, over the christmas break I learned quite a lot about myself. Usually I would get lost if I had nobody there to guide me, I was not allowed the map on D of E. But, I successfully found my way back home using the unreliable trains! I know this sounds easy but for a girl who could get lost in Tesco’s this is no mean feet.

I also pushed the boudaries of what a human could eat. Grazing at every oppurtunity I was more turkey than human by boxing day. All gym motivation disappeared so I am trying to get back into it again ready for netball! That is something I have never mentioned before, I play netball (not BUCs) for fun. This is both at uni and at home so I never really stop prancing around in a dress.

Currently, the next boundary I am pushing is just how late I can leave my essay despite the advise of every single person around me. Even following mom shopping has become more fun than reading journals. I am now finally plucking up the motivation to start and I’m finally hitting a roll (I’m writing this as part of a break). This previously boring essay is actually becoming rather interesting. Some essay adivse: they all become interesting when you get past the introduction.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years!

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