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Getting Ready for Warwick: Sports

Preparing yourself for university is a daunting task, but one of the many ways to get yourself excited for the years ahead of you is to think about sport. Warwick has so many sports clubs (67 to be precise) to get involved with no matter what your sporting background. From complete beginners to incredible athletes, there’s room for everyone to try whatever they want. For more information on all the sports Warwick has to offer, visit Most of the clubs will also have their own social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat, so follow these to witness how the clubs have got on this previous year and to find out when you can give these great sports a go.

Although exercise is fun and great for you regardless, there are even more reasons to get involved in sport at university. In between your lectures and seminars, sports activities during the day or evening really help to break up the workload. Depending on how competitive you want to be, most sport sessions you attend will be really relaxed with little pressure. After all, most sports have student coaches, which helps as everyone needs a break and will also help you get to know other years.

Not only this, but some of your closest friends will probably be found in a sports club. You see them multiple times a week, you’re constantly having fun, and they’ll be waiting for you at any socials you attend. You’ll make so many memories together that will shape your experience at Warwick, and even if some sessions are tougher than others, you won’t regret the sweat at all.

So, just in case you needed anything else to get you excited for university, there’s always sport. In the first two weeks, attend the sports fair and as many taster sessions as you can squeeze in to give you a flavour of the great sport Warwick offers.

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