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Getting Ready for Warwick: Societies

Another MASSIVE aspect of life at Warwick is the Societies. As a fresher or any other years coming back, definitely head to the Societies Fair in the first week or so to see how many diverse and interesting groups we have at Warwick (over 200!) available for you to join and be a part of.

Most faculties have a society to get to know fellow course mates better, and having been part of HistSoc this past year has been really good for getting to know like-minded people, been great fun at the History Ball and other social events, and always helps if you have question about a module or assessment.

A huge part of my Warwick experience has been Warwick Tap, one of the many performance societies at uni and many aspects from my experience will apply in other societies too. We have classes for every ability; from beginners to advanced, everyone is welcome! Societies tend to be slightly less pressure than Sports clubs and pride themselves on inclusivity, so do feel free to turn up and try something if you’ve never done it before, any group would be happy to have you.

Socials are a big part of society life, but just like sports socials, there is no need to worry. Yes, students like to get drunk and there will be club nights and circling, no one will pressure you into anything you don’t want to do and there are plenty of sober socials to get involved with. Socials are a great way to get to know other members of a group in a relaxed, informal setting to be sure to head along to as many as possible.

From cultural to charity, religious to halls of residence, there’s literally every society you could think of at Warwick to get involved with. They are easy and cheap to join so get involved with as many as possible. Even if it’s just a vague interest, I’m sure the society will have you under their wing in no time. Take a look at all the societies here: and if none of those take your fancy, you could always make a new one.

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