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Getting Ready for Warwick: It’s Nearly Time!

Oh, my goodness, it’s nearly time to get back to Warwick. You’ve had a whooping big summer, spent all your money and most of your home friends have already gone back to their universities. If you’re a fresher and going to campus for the first time, the excitement and nerves will be bubbling and witnessing every other fresher’s week kicking off will make you desperate to start. For me going into second year is still super exciting, as I’ve got many challenges coming my way with my course, sport and society and just can’t wait to catch up with all things Warwick.

When you’re packing for uni, check what your room will come with so you don’t load up the car with unnecessary bits and bobs. Having said that, don’t be afraid of a little clutter; I brought little bits and pieces from home so everything isn’t too alien. If you’ve had the same childhood room for a while, take your new uni room as a blank canvas to make your own. Don’t worry about being basic with polaroid pictures and fairy lights, do whatever you like to make it feel homey.

With clothes, be prepared for everything. There’ll be rain, snow and sunshine while you’re away from home, and not to mention all the POP! costumes you’ll be wearing, so be sure to bring as many clothes as you like. There’s no way you’ll be able to predict your circle themes, but you’ll be able to buy or borrow whatever costume you like, whether that be Shrek, a shrimp or Susan Boyle.

Another scary thing that comes with moving out is saying goodbye. Goodbye to your well slept-in bed, goodbye to your dog, goodbye to your home. While of course these are sad times, you’re moving on to the next chapter and about to say hello in so many ways (a bit cringe I know) so do not fear or feel too sad. You’ll stay in contact with everyone and your dog will be eagerly awaiting your return.

That all said, the main point of coming or returning to Warwick is that you have fun! You’ll get as much out of university as you put in, so be sure to grab uni life with both hands and you’ll have a ball.

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