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Getting Ready for Warwick: Freshers’ Week

As it’s summer and there’s not much university news, prepare for a few blogs to get you all ready to either return to Warwick or join for the first time.

First up, Freshers’ Week. It’s your first week at university, away from home and with all new faces, and I remember being filled with both nerves and excitement. Moving in day you’ll be torn between throwing yourself in the deep end and getting to know your flatmates, or getting one last free meal from your parents before your final goodbyes for the short future. It’s easier said than done, but try not to be nervous. Everyone is in the exact same boat and soon you’ll be your normal self so why not do that immediately. You’ll get to know personalities and habits pretty quickly living with people and while it can be weird living with relative strangers it’s all part of the fun.

Now, you’ve dreamt about the independence and fun that the student life has to offer, and you’re ready to drink and party the night away in the way freshers’ weeks are notorious for. Don’t worry if you’re not a big drinker, for many people this will be the first time drinking regularly and often drinking more than at home. If you don’t drink at all, don’t fear, there are loads of other things to get involved in and sports clubs and societies are very inclusive for everyone. Just do your own thing, try not to go overboard and don’t be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to; university is one of the most accepting places you’ll find to just be you.

Be sure to get involved in all the activities that happen in the first few weeks, and see all the performances and adverts to showcase what Warwick has to offer. Head on down to different Freshers’ talks to find out all the info, and pop down to the Sports and Societies Fairs to get more involved in university life.

Most of all, be sure to enjoy every minute of your first few weeks at uni before the work kicks in, you’ll never get another time like it!

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