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Getting ready for university…

Hi everyone!

As we enter August, I’m sure many of us are thinking about starting university or returning for another year!

Obviously, the experience this year and especially during this first term will be very different from what many of us are expecting or used to but regardless I’m still looking forward to going back to Warwick and trying to return to some sense of normalcy.

In honour of this, I thought I would do a few posts in the upcoming weeks of ‘how to get ready for uni.’

The topics will vary from ‘accommodation’ to ‘what you definitely need to know how to cook!’

1) The first thing to think about is results day:

Now I was dreading results day and would immediately clam up whenever my parents and older cousins would suggest looking at other avenues and options, in case I didn’t achieve the grades I needed.

Eventually, I realised that they were right and that it is an incredibly good idea to have backup options.

 By looking at clearing places for different universities and knowing what options are available to you, doesn’t mean you think you’ve done badly and have given up on your original choices, instead it is simply giving yourself the best chance on results day just in case things don’t go the way you’re expecting. It is also reassuring to see how many different courses are still available so you are likely to find one that suits you perfectly!

2) Another thing to think about is accommodation. The priority deadline for Warwick is the 31 July but if you miss this deadline because Warwick is your insurance choice, or you choose it via clearing it does not mean you won’t get your top choices.

I applied after results day and got my first choice for accommodation so don’t panic if you miss tomorrow’s deadline!

When looking at accommodation, it’s really important to consider your priorities and preferences.

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Do you want to be in the centre of campus or to live in a quieter area?

Warwick has a detailed breakdown of each accommodation, their prices, facilities and how many people you will be sharing a kitchen/bathroom with. They also have a handy questionnaire which asks you lifestyle questions and then tries to match you up with people with similar choices. The majority of people I know at uni are happy with the housemates in first year so this is a really useful tool in ensuring you can meet and live with some like-minded people.

So those were the first two items on my checklist, and I hope you find this helpful when planning your move/return to uni!

Feel free to comment any other helpful tips you have for prepping for uni or message me privately if you have any questions!

Simi x

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