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Getting ready for (online) university – Part 2

Hi everyone,

As August comes to a close, I’m sure many of us are getting ready to begin or return to university!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll start planning and preparing a few weeks in advance especially since the next few months in particular will be so different from a regular and typical first term.

As we get ready for uni, I’ve been thinking about a few changes I’m going to have to make to my day-to-day routine to stay as safe as possible but still make the most of my final year.

So, here’s a few more tips for my little ‘getting ready for uni’ series to make the transition back to Warwick as smooth as can be:

1) Check which parts of your course are in person or online

I think for most courses at Warwick, any sections that are taught to groups greater than 25 will be online (e.g. – lectures, practicals etc) but any groups smaller than this, such as seminars, will be in person.

2) Have a look at new policies/rules about social distancing

Obviously, there’s going to be so many changes on campus that it’s worth checking in advance which cafes, study rooms, libraries are open and how they’re operating. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to know what the rules are in your favourite coffee shop. (For me, that’s definitely Curiositea!)

This is a very quick summary of the major changes we’re all going to experience when we get to Warwick but despite all these extra things to think about and remember, I can’t wait to go back to uni and get back to some normality after the last five months or so!

I hope those few tips were helpful and please message me if you have any more that I haven’t thought of!

Simi x

P.S – don’t forget your masks and hand sanitiser whenever you go out!

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