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getting over my lack of confidence

When starting my degree three years ago i really lacked confidence, i found it hard to get involved in seminar discussion feeling that what ever i said would be wrong, when i had to do presentations i was terriefied, i found it diffiuclt to make conversation with people i didn’t no. However, as ive progressed through the degree my confidence has grown no end. i think alot of thsi down to the roles i have taken on particulary over the last 12 months. i have taken myself out of my comfort zone and loved it.

so what are the roles i have taken on firstly, Digital Skills Mentor(DSM). during my college years i found that i was assissting other students with their computer problems so when i heard about being a DSM it sounded perfect i could more help more students, whilst also meeting new people, not only that but i would have no choice but to talk to people, pushing me out of my comfort zone. as part of my role i have one to one appointments wuth students who require help with digital skills these can either be on a face to face basis, over the phione, via email, or skype. i’m also involved in weekly dropin sessions where students can come along to the computer room on westwood campus and either myself or another DSM will be there to offer support.

secondly, I am student ambassodor, which i throughly enjoy i have been attended various events including,covnetry pride, leamington peace festival, coventry community information fair, university open days, with the aim of promoting the courses offered by the Centre for Lifelong Learning,

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