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Getting into the Festive Spirit


Now we are firmly in November, I have absolutely no qualms about throwing myself into all things Christmassy. Around campus and the local area there are lots of different ways to get into the festive spirit, and here are a few of my favourites!



Hands down my favourite place on campus, Curiositea is pretty much as cosy as you can get! The selection of hot, frothy drinks are yummy and comforting, and the weekly specials means there is always something new to try. I hope in the next couple of weeks the specials will be Christmas themed … and there are some mince pies of course!


Bringing your hot drinks with you

If you don’t want to buy a drink on campus, bringing a flask of hot water, coffee or tea means that you can still feel all cosy! There are also some hot water points around campus (especially in departmental common rooms) making it easy to make your own hot drinks.


Arts Centre

Recently I have rediscovered the Arts Centre as a place to work, since it has a lovely bustling atmosphere. Due to the prevalence of shows and performances, there are always lots of people coming and going, making it feel quite cosy and welcoming. There is a piano near some of the coffee shop seating, which people are free to practice on, making the atmosphere even more mellow.



When the sky is clear and the weather is crisp and cool, the view from the Oculus is beautiful. I like to work facing the huge glass windows at the front to soak in the wintery view. It is always nice and toasty warm as well, and with the Oculus café having a great selection of drinks and cakes, a sweet treat isn’t too far away.


Go for a walk

We are lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful campus. The paths around Bluebell woods and behind Sherbourne are particularly good routes and going for a walk feels like a very productive study break. (Bonus points if you spot Rolf the unofficial campus cat!) From Leamington, it is also a short walk along the canal into Warwick. It’s a really lovely walk, and Warwick has a great selection of shops and cafes to explore as well.


Leamington Market

Every Sunday during the lead up to Christmas, there is a market along the parade in Leamington. There are food and drink vans, cake stalls, antique stands as well as lots of different types of gifts to buy. A few of the food stalls also come to the piazza market on campus, so if you have a particular favourite (like the cookie stand, for me) you can catch them on the parade as well.



Netflix shows

What would Christmas be without cheesy films! Recently, I have been loving the Christmas films on Netflix. It’s been great to reward myself after a long day studying with a hot chocolate, some popcorn and a cheesy film, especially when watching with friends as well.


Volunteer or donate

Using your time or money to help a local charity is a worthwhile thing to do all year round but especially at Christmas. If you have some spare time why not look into volunteering with local charities, for example LWS Night Shelter. Donating food to a local food bank is another way to make a difference to people in the local community.


What are your favourite festive things to do around campus?


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