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Getting into a routine

Settling back into a university routine after some time away, be it three months from summer break or 3 weeks from winter break, can be quite difficult. It’s not always easy to snap back from Netflix binges to coursework motivated all-nighters. However, it’s extremely important to create a routine; it helps you stay organised and productive throughout the term. Here are my top 3 tips! 

1. List all commitments – At the beginning of the term, write out a list of activities you anticipate taking up your time. This typically includes lectures, seminars and society events . You could add part time work if you work. This gives you an idea of what your days will generally look like. You could also do this weekly to make sure you’re always on top of things. Also check out the Warwick skills and careers website – MyAdvantage to see what workshops you could add. 

2. Set repeated alarms – I set an alarm for 8:30am for each weekday, regardless of when my first lecture starts each day. This just helps me maintain a regular sleep pattern throughout the term. You could also set alarms for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it’s important that you eat around the same time each day.

3. Create a schedule –  Creating a schedule requires a lot of self-assessment and discipline but it’s worth it! In planning my days, I consider when I’m most productive and allot more demanding tasks to those durations. Refer to your list of commitments to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. 

It’s important to still be pretty flexible though. After all, what’s uni life without a little spontaneity!

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