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Getting back into the swing of things.

Goodness, what a busy summer! The internship was great. I learnt just how much work goes into making our lives as students smoother. It may not always seem like it but without the effort of the support and teaching staff here things would be far harder! If you are in your penultimate year do think about applying for an internship next summer, it gives great experience in the HE workplace and is paid too.

So back to student life and a big welcome and hello to all of the new students joining us. One very busy open day worked and one to go on the 22nd October. They are good fun to work and applications for Student Ambassadors are open, again this is a paid opportunity and you get to meet students from across the University, making friends with people you otherwise would not have met. Just go to the WWS web page to apply.

Other areas of my life have been full. My WI is taking part in a pantomime competition in December. Our designated panto is Jack and the Beanstalk and the challenge has been to fit the entire story into no more than 10minutes. We have, hoorah, with the inclusion of booing, hissing, ‘he’s behind you!’ and a song! We also have given a nod to the Bard, with lines such as ‘two beans or not two beans?’ (Groan). All good fun, even if a little silly. Still it will be Christmas and generally the season for such fun and capers, not to mention festive food and pressies. Oh and essay writing!

My Grandson is now running around and enchanted with simple things in life. I bought him a pair of wellingtons and am looking forward to going puddle splashing with him. I never feel quite comfortable splashing around on my own, though it is always fun, when dressed appropriately, obviously!

I am also starting to help other students with computer skills, basic in my case! There is a team of Digital Mentors who can help you out if you are finding some of the IT programmes a challenge, or even if you just need to know how to send email or copy and paste. We were all novices at some stage and the team of students involved are all friendly and patient people! If you need help you can contact Jim Judges in CLL building or contact me at this page and I will pass your message on.

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