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Getting an Asymptomatic Test

With the recent estimates suggesting that around 1 in 3 of us have Covid without displaying any symptoms, local authorities have made asymptomatic testing readily available across the country. Warwick University also offers an asymptomatic testing service for all staff and students living, studying or working regularly on campus with everyone offered two lateral flow tests per week (as of 25 January). To book your asymptomatic tests on campus follow this link:

My three experiences of having asymptomatic tests have all been smooth, with the process being very straightforward. Many councils promote regular testing and offer testing services in a variety of settings and locations varying from car parks to shopping centres to local civic centres or town halls.

So what’s the process like? Well, following your arrival you are asked to complete an online form and include your contact details as this is how they will contact you with the results of your test which are generally texted/ emailed to you in around 30 minutes. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask to your lateral flow test centre as they increase safety for all those being tested as well as the test-workers on the site.

After you’ve filled out the quick online form, you are led to a booth where someone will talk you through the process (there are also written instructions laid out in front of you). Once you’ve blown your nose, you use a swab to sample from your nose and throat and that’s it! Although it can cause slight momentary discomfort, this eventually subsides. Also, if you do the test wrong, don’t worry, they’ll let you know before you leave. The whole process took me under 15 minutes (but this obviously depends on queueing times at your test centre).

If you’re having a test on campus, you’ll need to head over to the Slate where you’ll find friendly staff and a number of sanitised desks and booths.

Remember that these lateral flow tests are for people who are NOT displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 and if you are experiencing symptoms, you should follow the government guidelines and either go to a test site or a home test kit from the relevant government webpages.

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