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Getting a job here at Warwick:

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Many students are so focused on their degree, they often forget that a key factor to obtaining employment is through your application and CV.  Competition for jobs, wherever you live, is at an all time high, so regardless of a fabulous degree, you need to enhance and update your CV. One way of doing this is through getting a job and thus work experience and it doesn’t always have to be in the same sphere as your degree as employers are looking at both how and what you do ‘to get an edge’ on your co-applicants. Another way to look at it is to ask yourself ‘what is my unique selling point (USP) – what do I bring to the job that is different to others? If you watch The Apprentice on TV, then you will hear how much the applicants think of themselves, not just in terms of confidence, but with their USP.

I currently have two jobs with the University of Warwick, which is a great employer due its flexibility with your academic timetable and how it cares about its employees.

I am now proud to say that I am a Welcome to Warwick Ambassador  (WWS) and Widening Participation Ambassador. In this role, I will be working to encourage those (primary school children to Sixth Form) who may not have previously considered university to see it as an achievable option. All WWS Ambassadors will be attending Offer Holder and Open Days. Please feel free to talk to anyone of us; we will be easily recognisable in our bright sunshine- yellow t-shirt uniforms. Offer Days are vital to explore what you, as an individual, need at University and make you ask the question “Can I see myself here next year?”. The Offer Day last year confirmed that Warwick is where I wanted to come; hopefully Warwick will be your home next year.

For the role, I had to apply via Unitemps – for those of you hoping to come to Warwick and looking to get a part-time job, you should create an account before arriving for term. In the application we had to discuss why we thought we would be good in the role and the next step was to attend an interview/ selection day. It was quite daunting, but I knew even if I was not selected it would be good experience for applying for jobs after university. In groups of ten we had to provide mock tours of the university and had several tasks to complete including ‘thinking on your feet’. There was also a one-to-one interview where the interviewer was very nice and put me at ease straight away, followed by a wait of a few days before I could find out if I had been successful (which I was).

If you prefer a job more suited to your department, there are plenty; from promoting your subject to receptionists for their faculty. My friends have jobs all over campus from the Bread Oven, Rootes (the student grocery store) and Curiositea. The jobs can be scheduled to some extent to suit you. My job has given me transferable skills and employers are looking for those who have taken the initiative to go beyond their degree. Good luck if you’re looking for a job or will apply next year. If you need any help with writing a CV or an application you can email the Career Service or attend one of their drop-in sessions in the Oculus building.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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