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Get musical with Millburn Mic Nights!

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Millburn Mic Nights are exciting open mic events which take place throughout the year at Millburn House, the home of the Theatre Department. The event gives all Warwick students the opportunity to perform songs, poetry, or to just come along and soak up the atmosphere! I talked to Yağmur, a third year Theatre & Performance Studies student who has performed at several Millburn Mic Nights, to find out more about how she’s pursuing her passion for music alongside her studies and what it’s like to perform…

How long have you been playing music and writing/recording your own songs?

“So, I’ve been writing since the age of 7. I remember my first song was called ‘For The First Time’ and it was completely different to the stuff I write now. It was really bad and I hate to even think about it now. Like it actually stank. Anyway, I started playing guitar when I was 13 because of one of my music teachers. No one actually thought I was good enough to give me advice or singing lessons, he was the only person who believed in me and in return, made me believe in myself too. I was 14 when I found my sound which is quite indie/alternative. I started recording when I was in my first year of sixth form and would post my songs on Soundcloud. That was when people actually started to really like my music and I’d have offers for music videos and collabs, gigs and open mic nights and basically more opportunities came my way.”

What/who inspires your music?

“I have a lot of inspirations which kind of explains my change of genre/style now and then. My first inspiration was an Australian singer called Matt Corby. He was more indie rock and that’s what I started with. That lead to folk; Angus and Julia Stone, Roo Panes, Vance Joy. And then I started listening to more bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Don Broco, I Prevail, and I changed some songs to be more rocky. But I would also sway into spoken word and rap, inspired by Hobo Johnson and Raleigh Richie. So really I have a lot of inspirations and depending on my mood at the time is what style of song I would make.”

Is it difficult to find time to work on your music as a student?

“I don’t think so if I’m honest. I’m quite impulsive so there are moments when I’d be running late to things because I wanted to have a cheeky play on the guitar ‘cause I just thought up a melody to a new song. But other than that I don’t think it’s a distraction which negatively impacts my study time. Most of the time I think it helps a lot with studying just ‘cause it’s my way of taking the pressure of stress from uni. It’s my own personal escape and I love it.”

Does being at uni give you many creative musical opportunities?

Yes, yes yes! It definitely does! I’ve performed at some open mic nights, I’ve been asked to write music for plays and I’m currently making two music videos now. All that would never have happened if I didn’t have the connections from uni.”

Do you think you’ve developed/changed as an artist since being at uni?

“I definitely feel a lot stronger and more confident. I feel like uni throws you in the deep end and you have to constantly adapt to new experiences. With my music, I thrive from that and it has definitely improved so many skills and qualities in my music and performance.”

What’s it like to perform at Millburn Mic Nights?

“The experience is always incredible. I feel so comfortable and welcomed and accepted and I can afford to mess up now and then with the chords/lyrics and I wouldn’t feel judged, mainly because I feel like the atmosphere is so casual that if you do mess up, just make a joke about it and carry on and they’d still love you. To anyone who has never gone before, please go. To anyone who wants to go and perform but is too scared or shy to, use the fear and use the nerves as a source of motivation and my god you will not regret it!”

Do you think it’s important to pursue your passion for music alongside your studies and if so, why?

“Honestly yes. If we’re not doing what we love then why are we all here? It’s good to have studies but it’s something else to have a thing you believe in and have a passion for. It’s our drive and our source of energy. Take that away and you will never feel totally complete.”


The next Millburn Mic Night is happening on Wednesday 20th November at 7pm in G55, Millburn House. It’s free to attend so why not come along and check it out for yourself?

Image provided by University of Warwick’s Theatre Department

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Beth Rawsthorn | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Beth
Theatre, wellbeing and university life
Find out more about me Contact Beth

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