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Get ahead of the game

The brilliant summer weather seems to have disappeared which has forced me to update my CV and see what’s missing. I’m going, to be honest, I’m starting to panic about my future. Thinking about getting a job and kickstarting my career is an intimidating process, but as I would say to anyone, baby steps are important.

I’m looking at my options, looking at possible jobs I could apply for and what they require- some of the jobs I’ve looked at require a Masters! So get researching and know what your future holds and whether there are alternative paths to reach your goal. I’m considering in applying for masters, only thing is that’s stopping me is thinking what to do it in? It’s going to be a year of my life that pushes me to be an expert on a specific subject. Sounds like an undergraduate degree right? Maybe think about it like this:

I study Classical Civilisation. I study modules such as Greek Culture and Society, Ancient Theatre, Ethics….. For Masters, you’re going to be focusing on more specific things within your work, and the expectation of the standard of your work is going to be greater. Think about it, see how you are going to be assessed and see where your strengths lie during your undergraduate degree and obviously think about your career.

As well as all this future planning, I’m reading for my dissertation and I can honestly say I am loving it. I’m reading all the time it’s leisure and academic all at the same time! There are so many possible routes I can take but I’m trying to refine my topics so by the time I return for my 3rd year I can start planning and writing. Next week, I’m going to finish my article for the Reinvention journal.

Have fun with your family and friends!

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