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Gateway to HE: Social Studies – University of Warwick for the Mature Student

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Following on from my last blog (20 March 2017) I have started to seriously consider what I will do when the Gateway to HE course finishes, more on that a little later in this blog.

It is Easter break already, the weeks seem to be flying past, I can’t believe I started the course in November and tomorrow is the 1 April. Gateway itself is so enjoyable, I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of returning to education to try it. The course really will help you to decide whether a degree is right for you.

Not everyone on the course stays until the end, we have had a couple of people leave due to various reasons; health issues, lack of time and even just that doing this right now isn’t ideal for them. There is a workload with being on the course, journal articles need reading and assimilating and essays need to be written. The workload isn’t too onerous, but it can mount up if you are not disciplined to set aside time each week. I had heard that Gateway is a little like doing one module of a degree, but I am not sure where I got that from, so if I do get to do the degree I will report back as to how accurate that statement that is.

On various visits to the University I have driven round the whole campus to get a feel for where places are, and to become more familiar with places to park, as this can be a challenge at times. On foot my forays round Main campus have led me to the SU, Warwick Arts Centre, the Occulus Building, WBS, Library, Shops, Bank, and Supermarkets. I also wander happily round Westwood as this is where the Centre for Lifelong Learning is, of which I am particularly fond (after all I wouldn’t even be on campus without it). I see lots of mature students too which is comforting, I did have a misconception that I would be one of very few mature students, but there are lots of us, all at different levels of study. I love the leafy greenery of the campus, I find it very peaceful to walk round, it is conducive to thinking, and good for my soul.

The interactive map is so very useful, it really is worth looking at so I have included the link again here

Some useful links I have tripped across whilst being at Warwick are shown below. Have a look round the website. It is a mine of information.

As we are in the final third of the Gateway course there is more emphasis now on what to do after the course finishes. For those that pass there is the option of taking the BA (Hons) Social Studies

This is the course I am hoping to take if/when I pass the Gateway course. I have started to look at the major subjects on offer, the optional modules, and the timings of when the study is available. As I work full-time, and will need to continue to work full-time, I have to consider carefully what options I would be able to take.

I am off to do my first session as a Student Ambassador tomorrow at the University on Westwood Campus. I have not done anything like this before, but I am looking forward to it. It is a short session and on familiar turf, so I think I am being eased into it gently. I will let you know how it went.

Also, I have a 2,000 word exam essay to do and submit over the Easter break, then shortly after we return I have to give a 10 minute presentation to the rest of the group. Finally I have to sit an hour long essay exam. Feeling nervous?? Oh yes, very much so. I really do want my place on that part-time degree course…

  • Did I get my essay done on time?
  • What will my presentation be about?
  • Have I decided what modules to take yet?

Thanks for reading

Alison x

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