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From Santiago de Chile to Siena Italy: PART 1

Firstly apologies for not having written for such a long time. I must admit that is rather unusual for me, however I’m sure that after I give you a mere insight into the chaos that has been the last couple of weeks, you’ll surely forgive me.

It seems absolutely surreal to think that the last time I was blogging, there I was sat in Santiago de Chile’s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (I know, what a name) contemplating my last six months spent 7,247.65 miles from home in South America (whilst admittedly restraining myself from bursting into tears at the thought of it all coming to an end). What seems even more bizarre is the fact that now, just weeks later, not only have I managed to have seemingly covered every corner of Great Britain visiting friends I hadn’t seen in over half a year…


Churchill spring ball…the night I pretended I went to Cambridge


Reunited with the besties (Don’t worry Warwick, you’re the only university that will ever have a place in my heart)

…but I have also popped across the English Chanel for a short stay in Paris…


Bonjour Paris!


Cheeky snap

10948280_9***** *** ***_1070657649_n.jpg

That view though


Being painted by a squatter #StandardArtyAntics

…squeezed in numerous visits to the doctors for blood tests as well as a lengthy opticians appointment, before quickly repacking the next 6 months of my life into my suitcase, flying to Milan, and making the 4 hour drive through northern Italy to the rolling hills of Tuscany…


Buonasera Siena!

Before I go any further, I should probably add that the night before I even flew out to Italy, at precisely 1:30 am whilst I was still making a desperate attempt to pack (yes, I didn’t even start until 10pm after making a last minute dash up to London that day to get my teeth checked by my mum’s dentist due to the realisation that morning that there was one thing still not crossed off the to-do list…the dentist) that I had to be at the university on the 23rd February for my enrolment!!


Serious déjà vu…Chile OCD packing all over again??

And there’s me thinking I didn’t need to be there until March…What’s more, after recovering from the temporary state of complete panic mode that immediately overcame me, I also realised that I hadn’t sent Siena the second half of my application form which was due sometime whilst I was in Chile…in fact, to be more precise, it was apparently due in that week that I miraculously managed to be in Argentina, the Atacama desert, and Bolivia all in the space of 5 days…remember?

[Continued here: From Santiago de Chile to Siena Italy: PART 2]

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