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From Lockdown to Tier 3

I don’t know about anyone else but it seems like November has flown right by. It felt like just yesterday Bo-Jo was announcing that the Nation would be heading right back into Lockdown and harsh flashbacks of March shot into all of our minds. Almost 3 weeks later he has come out once more to let us know what is happening next. If you were not already aware, Coventry, Warwick and Birmingham have all been labelled as Tier 3 which in short means… we’re still inside.

I’ve written about how to entertain yourself in lockdown before and today I want to talk a little more about how to keep yourself and those around you safe, get you home for the holidays and explain a little more about what Warwick has done to help us out in this time.


As per government guidelines from the 3rd December to 9th December we have been given the green light to start heading home. Warwick has begun offering slots to book a free Covid-19 test before you start heading home. This is potentially one of the most useful resources available to us at University. This allows everyone to get a test and ensure that they are completely healthy before travelling across the country and in the case of international students, across the globe. I would highly reccommend you find your nearest testing facility* and be smart. Get the test done and make sure you don’t expose your family and friends to this virus especially as Flu season starts.

*[Note from the OurWarwick staff team: Please only book a standard test appointment if you have symptoms. If you are looking to book your tests before you travel this Christmas (in the Student Travel Window), you will need to book a different kind of test. Find out more and book your Student Travel Window test appointments here.]

Face-to-Face Meetings

Throughout Lockdown the option to move completely online was given to all students which has helped keep our cases low and everyone protected. Now, as we enter into Tier 3 it is very much confirmed that everything will be moved online and Warwick’s response to that has been amazing. As far as all of this is new to everyone, Warwick, since September has done a great job keeping us all updated and making sure that there is transparency between staff and students. Support has been readily available and allowances have been made to adapt to the new learning environment.


I cannot stress enough how important it is that you are all isolating when you have to. The easiest way to keep track of this virus, as research has told us, is to contain it in the best way you can. Isolation should happen the second you, or a flatmate or whoever has come into contact or potentially come into contact with the virus. You do not have to wait until a positive test result comes back to stop going out, please be mindful of others and just be considerate.


The final thing I wanted to mention is regarding communication and transparency. I think that right now when paranoia is high and everyone is just trying to make sure they do not come in contact with it, it is super reckless and selfish to not be open about your movements. Before meeting anyone or going to the shops or whatever you may be doing, its only fair to be clear to everyone involved about where you’ve been and how you have or have not been abiding to lockdown rules. I have always been an oversharer but I think more people need to start adapting that mentality because you are just as responsible for everyone else’s safety as you are yours.

This post was very short but I really took my time to try and articulate my main points. Everyday there’s new articles and things to read about Covid-19 which understandably gets a bit boring and repetitive to read so I tried to be not as patronising. Please take this seriously whether you are on Campus, at home, Leamington or Coventry- stay safe.

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