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From IB to economics at Warwick

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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Many people have asked me about my transition from high school to university if it was difficult or not at all. I could say that I did not struggle with it. Maybe it was because I tried to do my best every day, to be responsible and finish all the tasks before the deadline.

Another common question is if it is essential to take maths (HL/further maths) and/or economics on A-level/IB/equivalent. Personally speaking, I could not take further maths or economics because there were not these subjects in my school. I took Maths, Literature, English, Physics, History and ITGS (Information technology in a global society). Some of these are not mainly related to my degree but I really enjoyed studying them at IB.

I believe that you do not have to necessarily take certain modules (just do not forget to look at the requirements before applying to your degree). For me, the IB subjects helped me to learn about the world expectations and level required to be a successful student. The IB program is of course quite different from the Peruvian education program. Most of my friends struggled with IB, because of the number of assignments or the pressure of exams. I have heard so many stories of people doing everything the night before (the same happens at university. Be sure to not be one of them)! However, at the end of the two years, I am pretty sure that we became more responsible and organised, at least most of them.

Don’t forget that this depends mainly on the person. The effect of taking a program or subject varies in relation to each one experiences. We do not gain the same from equal experiences! However, taking certain modules helps us to realize with subjects we like and which no. This is vital to choose your degree! At least for me, I am always responsible for every task/class because I am really interested in them. When you like something, you want to know more and more about it and you do not feel so much effort to reach and to learn about it.

So if you want to take further maths and economics, go for it! but do not doing because you have to, you should do it because you want to know more about them.

Furthermore, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Even if you took economics before, you should read some books or be familiar with some basic concepts before starting university. The level of exigent at Warwick is high and despite the fact that we start from the very beginning, I know some people who struggled a lot with everything since day 1.

Fortunately, the economics department has created a website with many resources for offer holders. There you can find from maths revision and exercises to books on economics to read in the summer. You do not have to read everything but this will help you to have a better view and beginning of your time at university.

Good luck!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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