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From a Fresher to a Graduate: The Big Day

Hello everyone,

The 24th of July marked my last day at university: I am officially an alumnus of The University of Warwick! It was an incredible day and I have been looking forward to sharing my day with you here…

The morning started with a visit to campus to collect my ceremony tickets. After this, I made my way to the gown hire area where the university’s robemakers, Ede and Ravenscroft were set up. Top tip: I recommend also bringing your own hairpins and safety pins (you can never have too many…)

*Panic about whether I will trip over on the stage…*

Then, it was time for professional family photos to be taken…

Top tip: I recommend taking the professional photos before your ceremony 1) You will look amazing since you’ll have just gotten ready 2) There will probably be less of a crowd. 

*A family photo we took towards the end of the day* *Shout out to my parents and sister who have been extremely supportive throughout my degree*

Now for the interesting stuff: the ceremony!!!

I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! *And I didn’t trip over on the stage!!*

The ceremony was a wonderful celebration as a cohort…

Justin Greaves, the Director of Student Experience and Progression handed us our certificates during the ceremony which made it even more special as he has been heavily involved in the PAIS student experience throughout our time at Warwick.

*Shout out to my friend Cassandra, who I started my degree with back in 2015, and who was the only other PAIS student to study abroad in Australia with me*

After the ceremony was the cohort photo. This took a while to organise but throwing our mortarboards at the end made it all worth it. I think it was this moment were it really hit me that my time at Warwick is sadly over…

My favourite part of the day was the PAIS reception. This was a lovely opportunity to catch up with other students (and finally eat some food…!) and meet some tutors to give a personal thank you…

*Shout out to my personal tutor Matthew Clayton who has been incredibly supportive… and has answered every single one of my many emails – thank you!*

*Shout out to Steven Kettell whose module PO383 I have LOVED studying!*

*Shout out to Aadya for sharing my love for Indian food*

*Shout out to Trevor McCrisken who is amazingly well read in US Foreign policy, and also helped me choose my study abroad location!*

*Shout out to Shaquille for being an all-round great person to talk to about anything and everything – I look forward to seeing what you do next!*

*Shout out to Justin Greaves who is extremely passionate about constantly improving the PAIS student experience. Thank you for your positivitea Justin!*

Lastly, I showed my family around campus and took some photos of some of the places that I spent the most time in. I showed them the PAIS common room but completely forgot to take a photo, although I have enough memories there to last me forever…

All in all, it was an amazing day. I will be submitting one last blog post before finally giving my goodbye as a blogger…

See you later for now,

Shanita 🙂 xo

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