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Friend-mas: a great end to a term

Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

In the past ten weeks on campus, the chances are that you have met a group of people you’re rather impartial to who you refer to as friends; whether that be flatmates, course mates or people you’ve met through societies. As the term comes to a close, there is the dilemma of celebrating the festive season with said people, before people return to their homes and  Christmas meal is the perfect solution. 


When organising a ‘Friend-mas’ of sorts, there are a few things to consider:

Venue- This could be viewed as the most critical element of your celebrations as it dictates if the meal will be homemade or provided by a restaurant. 

Type of Food- Just because it’s supposedly a Christmas meal it doesn’t have to be a roast. I’ve attended festive meals and enjoyed chips, Chinese and even spaghetti. The meal is just an excuse to get everyone to gather and have a good time, so consider what everyone wants and maybe have a mixture of different cuisines as a compromise.

Dress Code- You might want to dress up for once or just have a very casual on. Either way, make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re unsure, a   Christmas jumper or hat never goes amiss, especially when you’re getting in the spirit.

Entertainment- After all, your munching, you probably want to make some memories. I would recommend having some group games like charades or Guess who, which really get the conversation flowing.

Bits and Bobs- If you’re going for that extra Christmas touch, then you may wanna make sure you do these last few things organising a white elephant and making sure you pick up some Christmas crackers. 


Anyways however you choose to celebrate the end of this term, just make sure you have fun.


Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

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