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Freshers Week

Congratulations – you’re into Warwick! Now for the real stuff. Fresher’s week/fresher’s fortnight.

The one thing I’d say, in terms of advice for fresher’s week, is throw yourself into it. Go to loads of society’s taster days, meet as many people as you can and have as much fun as you can! You may very well surprise yourself. Often, it’s not necessarily the activity that makes a society great, it’s the people. My favourite example of this is my rugby player housemate who now plays mixed netball every week because of the ace people.

My first ever blog post, over a year and a half ago now, was about fresher’s week. I still remember the repertoire of questions reeled off by all of the several thousand new students. It was the old:

Hey, what’s your name?

Where’re you from?

Where are you staying?

What’re you studying?

If you’re coming to Warwick this October, or any university in fact, prepare to both ask and answer these questions a million times!

Also, prepare yourself to collect and carry a trees worth of flyers. These will be collected, heaved back to your room, then read through when you get a minute. If anything looks interesting to you then it’s always worth popping along to a trial session.

You’ll also likely join the on campus gym, thinking that now you’re at uni and live right next to a gym, pool, sports hall, climbing wall etc… that you’ll now flick the switch and become a fitness freak. Maybe pop to the gym 39 times a week and turn yourself into a world class athlete. You might do, but you’ll more likely end up like me – getting the best most expensive membership only to go a couple of times. A rookie error.

Ultimately though now’s the time to get excited! You’ve got the inevitable trip to IKEA to come, then you’ll be out on your own. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. It’s ace, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Welcome to Warwick everyone.

See you there,


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