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Freshers Week

Hello everyone and welcome to the University of Warwick (also well done on getting here). Now the hectic arrivals weekend is over it’s time to settle down and start attending the welcome events! This can be with your department or the events put on by the SU. The first is sports fair where lots of clubs try and get you to sign up or to trial for them. A word of advice, don’t try to do three sports as you simply won’t be able to fit it in. I would say stick to one, especially if you’re going for BUCs as this avoid match clashes on Wednesday afternoon. But don’t worry if you just want to play for fun! There are taster sessions and beginner lessons in lots of sports! Societies also enter teams in an intramural league so basically between other societies, in sports like netball and football.

The second event runs over two days: the societies fair. Much like sports fair you are enticed to join with lots of freebies but once again don’t over commit. I always think it’s best to get leaflets from socieities that you’re interested in and then to go away, do some research and decide what kind of society you want to join. Subject ones are always a good choice since you can meet people on your course and there are often events to help first years with their work. Other than that join a society that you have a genuine interest for!

Another event is the careers fair. This isn’t so much for the first years but you can go for freebies and to gage what kind of field you want to enter. For second years you can utilise this fair to ask about internships and third years, graduate jobs. Those who run the stalls can answer any questions and you may even discover a company you had not previously thought of.

My first week at Warwick was quite quiet as my flat tended to stay in so I only went to two or three SU events that week. However, I learnt that you don’t need to go out to have fun! We stayed up until the early hours playing games and getting to know each other. Honestly, it really helped when deciding who to live with as we were best friends from early on. But however you choose to spend your freshers week just remember everyone is in the same sitaution and there are lots of opportunities to meet people.

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