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Freshers Week!!

Hey everyone!! Welcome to Warwick for all those who are freshers this year, I hope you all have an amazing first term! There is absolutely loads going on at university in the next few weeks so try and attend as much as you can to find out what kind of events and opportunities are on offer. In this blog, I will just give you a heads up on a few things I would recommend going to this week as well as off campus events!

Sports Fair- this is going on in the Desso Hall today at the Sports Centre. There will be lots of different stalls set up with representatives of each sport there so you can find out what kind of activities are available at the university! As a keen netballer, I definitely recommend checking out the netball stand, the girls are all absolutely lovely and it is a brillaint sport to make friends and they put on loads of events throughout the year to get involved with! There is more information on the Student Union website plus a timetable with all the dates and times of taster and trial sessions for each sport.

Societies Fair- Another brillaint event to go to which is on Wednesday 04 (so tomorrow) in the Sports Centre it will be very similar to the sports fair but the stalls will have loads of student run societies to join. Again this is another excellent way to make friends and join something you’re really interested in! There is such a range of societies from academic societies to performance societies! Most societies have taster sessions to give you a flavour of what they are about, plus you can decide not to join after the taster session if it turns out you’re not interested in it. The next fews weeks are a good time to try new things and meet some new people so get involved because it is so worth it!

This will be in the Rootes Social Building on Friday 06. Volunteering is a great way of getting involved in a new project and stands out loads on your CV! I am a Project Leader for ‘Activiteas’ so I will be there all day from 10-3:30 and I will be posting another blog this week about the volunteering fair and about my project so look out for that if you want to find out more information.

Sociology Careers Talk and Sociology Society- the careers talk is today 3-4 for 2nd year students and 4-5 for final year students in the Ramphal Building. Head on down to that even if you are a first year, it is never to early to start thinking about your future! The Sociology Society is having a start of term party tonight in the Social Sciences Foyer, informal tea and biscuit sessions on the 04th and 06th in the Sociology Common Room. If the Sociology Society is something you are interested in then go to the Societies Fair or join their Facebook page where you can receive updates on what is going on in the next few weeks.

POP is on every Wednesday and this is Week 1 of POP unfortunately all tickets are sold out but if you can get a ticket for this term I definitely recommend it! If you love a bit of the cheesy pop classics from the 70s/80s/90s and even some modern classics, then you’ll love POP. Beforehand you can choose to attend a Circling event with a societies or sport that you want to join to get pumped up and ready for a good boogey! Tonight Warwick Snow as hosting the event ‘Avalanche’, Hall Wars is on the 9th and Skool Dayz is on the 21st these are all campus events and are all a good laugh! The Warwick Student Cinema has a film on every week at a discounted price this week there is some brillaint choices e.g. Guradians of the Galaxy Vol.2 so if you’re a fresher and fancy a quiet night then definitely head down to the Engineering Building for a movie night!

Off Campus Events- If you’re living in Leamington then you can go to the nightclub Smack on Tuesday or Thursday as these are the busiest nights! Neon (my personal favourite) is busiest on Fridays and is much bigger than Smack so you’re bound to bump into some familiar faces! The Assembly Rooms or Zephyr Lounge (next to each other) have got events going on each week such as Boots and Cats, Keep the Faith, etc. In Coventry, the nightclub Kasbah is busiest on Monday but will be busy this Friday too (one of my favourite nightclubs), it is definitely worth a visit! So there are lots of nightlife events going on this week but if that isn’t your bag there will be loads of socials held by societies and sport. Plus there are loads of restaurants on campus and in Leamington/Coventry so going out with new flatmates/friends for a slap up meal is a great way to get to know one another.

I have barely scratched the surface with the amount that is going on this week so for more information, head to the Warwick Student Union website or the Warwick Sports Centre website to find out more information! Any questions there is a Student Union office in the SUHQ above Rootes Grocery Store, or drop me an email: and I will try to answer any questions as best I can. Any questions about Sociology then visit the Sociology homepage on the university website or again ask me and I will try to answer as best I can 🙂 Have an amazing week everyone and lets smash this year!!!!

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