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Freshers Tips and Tricks – First Year Advice! (Vlog)


I’ve disappeared for a while as I’ve been travelling lots and lots and didn’t have access to internet for most of it so I was not able to post up any blog posts.

But here I am!! And it’s post-results day for everyone now and university is soon approaching and I’m very excited to go back and start a new year and move into my house in Leamington Spa. And I was remembering how just last year I was feeling all jittery and excited to start my first year! I wanted to make a post all about freshers and my tips and tricks for moving in, freshers fortnight and events at Warwick as well as advice for first year in general and I’ve done it in a vlog down below.

I hope this helps and feel free to comment down below any questions or advice of your own!

– Rana


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