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Fresher’s: Live the Clichés!

If you’re headed to Warwick this October, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard all of the university clichés; “seize the day”, “work hard, play hard”, etc etc. However overused these are though, I would argue they are perfect mantras for Fresher’s Fortnight!

As Warwick doesn’t have a designated lecture-free fresher’s week, (and my first year counted towards my degree) from my first Tuesday it was business as usual with full days of lectures and assignments to hand in. I would be lying if I said that this wasn’t a tough way to start the year, but I was adamant that my course would not hold me back from fully embracing the fresher’s life!

The first event of Fresher’s was the Welcome Party held on the Saturday and Sunday night of moving in weekend. You couldn’t buy a ticket for this; instead you had to buy a snazzy Fresher’s T-Shirt! I would recommend getting one of these as not only is it a great memento, but it is a fab opportunity to go out with your new flat for the first time! For the other SU events, I managed to bag a Fresher’s Pass, which meant I got entry to all of the events held in the Student’s Union during Fresher’s Fortnight. Although it was a big spend at the start of the year, it meant I could go to as many events as I fancied. In the end I went to most of the SU events, where I met lots of people and had some great nights out with my flat!

Fresher’s Fortnight is not all about drinking and going clubbing though, there are sooo many other things to do! The Societies and Sports Fairs are an incredible way to see all of the extra-curricular activities you can get involved with here. Definitely pop along and see if anything takes your fancy, especially as there are usually freebies 😉 Lots of the societies also put on free taster sessions during Fresher’s Fortnight, which is a great opportunity to try out new activities! Don’t be afraid to go along to a session on your own, or you could invite a new friend to go with, because everyone will be super friendly and eager to make new friends too. Societies are the best opportunity to try something crazy and new, and for me at least have really shaped my first year.

Although it can be daunting being surrounded by lots of new people, it is the perfect opportunity to chat to lots of people from different backgrounds. During Fresher’s in particular, everyone is desperate to make new friends, so is a perfect time to talk to anybody! I tried really hard to make conversation with as many people as possible, and would often sit next to a new person each lecture to have a chat with. You do end up having very similar conversations, but I ended up talking to some really interesting people, some of which I’m still friends with!

Overall, I would say grasp every opportunity and say yes to everything! Fresher’s is an incredible two weeks, full of lots of people, finding your feet living by yourself, though of course can get a bit overwhelming and confusing. My advice would be to take time out for yourself if you do get a bit overwhelmed, but also try and challenge yourself! This is the beginning of your university life, and at the risk of sounding old and boring, you only get as much out of it as you put in! Part of me wishes that I was a Fresher again (#secondyearblues) so make the most of it while you can and just go and enjoy yourself!

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