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Freshers: 5 things to keep in mind

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The transition to university for some can be a new and exciting experience, for others they feel nervous and anxious about the change. I have collated the top 5 changes to consider before going to university.


Going to university is challenging in terms of figuring out how to spread your money.  When nursing a hangover not many people want to look at the damage to their bank account from the night before, so it is good to find a balance between spending your money, but not restricting yourself from having fun. A good idea is to shop at supermarkets such as Aldi where you can save on “branded foods”. Ultimately money can be a stressor for university students, but the key is finding a balance. They found that students who managed their finances are more likely to have good academic progress.


Freshers week is a chance to get out there and socialise. University enables us to be independent and clubbing can be a different experience, especially in a new environment. 

By the end of the week, your snapchat friends list is going to be full. Whilst freshers is predominantly about going out and drinking, it is important to control how much you drink. You should be careful not to become self-reliant on alcohol to give you confidence.  

Freshers is your gateway to connections, so you want to make friendships that last instead of being known for something embarrassing. 

Remember, everyone is in the same boat so making friends will be easy. Overall don’t get too crazy and take care of yourself, you’ll have plenty of time throughout your university years to have fun.

Flatmates and friends:

Moving into university halls can be an exciting yet scary experience. Before coming to university most people have spent their whole lives in one place, well within their comfort zones. Stepping out of this bubble can be intimidating, however once you have, you can form several new friendships.

Freshers week is the perfect opportunity to start getting to know as many people as possible, although it can be scary it’s much better than sitting in your room alone all day. However, it’s important to know your boundaries, you don’t want to lose yourself, just to fit in. 

Joining societies and attending course inductions are also a good way to make friends, it’s important to remember to socialise with your course mates as well.


For many, the first lecture of the course is new and exciting and makes people feel positive about their study. Students find the way of learning different from school as there is no set specification. This means students have more control over their learning and with this comes a lot more responsibility. For many students, the independence to learn in a way that suits them, about a subject they have a lot of interest in, is one of their favourite things about their course. However, as work piles up, people struggle to keep up with their independent study and tend to prioritise socialising over studying. In order to stay motivated about your degree it is important to get a good balance between attending lectures, independently studying and having a good social life. Enjoying your course is vital to getting the most out of the university experience.


University is the perfect place to explore and experience new relationships as it accommodates thousands of like-minded people. Freshers week creates a great atmosphere for mingling, with numerous events aiding freshers to build up a rapport of different people.

 As there are so many students at university there is an increase in gossip as stories begin to compile as you pass through the year. Whether it be stories of love, laughter or embarrassment it’s all part of university and self-developing experience.

 The emphasis on forming relationships also sharpens communication and socialising skills, adapting them to serve a greater reach that the university environments provides.

Having a relationship alongside coursework, societies and going out can be demanding. The key to a successful relationship at university is to form a balance between the things you love. Communicating your thoughts and feelings to your partner and reaching a level of understanding and trust is also concurrent with successful relationships.



Transition to university comes with challenges and brings a change to almost every area of student life. It is a time to build relationships, understand oneself better, grow and have fun. All that is needed to overcome challenges’ is to find balance and purpose; remind yourself why you are where you are, and everything will fall into place before you know it. 

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