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Frequently Asked Questions About Accommodation

Hi everybody!

Moving to University can be pretty daunting, so I thought this week I would answer some frequently asked questions about accommodation!

Halls is not guaranteed, however the University of Warwick does guarantee University managed accommodation for all new full-time first-year undergraduates, providing that you accepted your offer from Warwick as your firm choice and you apply online for accommodation by the deadline.

There is most DEFINITELY off campus accommodation. If you don’t manage to get accommodation on campus, it really isn’t a biggy. For your second and third year at University you will most likely be living off of campus anyway, so it’s just skipping a step. Warwick University manage a variety of off campus housing in areas convenient for the University. There is an array of houses, flats and purpose built student accommodation. These can house between 2 to 6 students to over 100! The three main areas managed by Warwick University are Coventry, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth. If you would like to see some pictures and hear more about these forms of accommodation then you can check the Warwick University Off-campus accommodation official webpage:

Warwick was my second choice University and I still got my first choice accommodation- so there is no need to panic. If Warwick is your second choice and you get the offer on results day, you can visit to get more information on the next steps. But with regard to accommodation, you are not guaranteed accommodation, but there are so many options (and usually enough accommodation) for everyone. So don’t worry, you won’t be homeless and it’s not that unusual to be at your second choice University, so you won’t be alone.

Here is a link to the big Accommodation Fees Comparison Table- so for all the different varieties and prices I would highly recommend checking this out!

One thing to consider with on-campus accommodation is the let length, it can be 34 weeks or 39. Basically, the 34 week let simply means you have to move your stuff out of your room over the Easter Break. I did this and it really wasn’t too much of an issue. Of course, if you live further away or may have trouble moving out over this period, maybe look into the 39 week lets.

1) Rootes: 39 week let, £99 per week for a single room, or £72 per week for a twin room. Shared bathroom.

2) Arthur Vick (where I lived and loved!): 34 week let, £161 per week. En suite bathrooms.

3) Bluebell: 39 week let, £176 per week. En suite bathrooms.

Off-Campus (through the University) depends on the let length. Here is an example: for a 42 week let length, starting from 09/09/2017 to 30/06/18 it can cost (weekly) from £75 to £135. There are more examples on the Warwick University Off-Campus official webpage.

This, as discussed a little bit above, depends entirely on the let length of time. You can choose accommodation accordingly if this is something that concerns you. Some accommodation offer 34 week lets and some offer 39 week lets. The 34 week let simply means you have to move your belongings out for Easter.

Second and third year: once you live off campus, the contract is usually a constant for the entire year, so no moving out!

On-Campus accommodation room sizes can vary, depending on the accommodation, the price, whether you’re sharing or simply the layout of the building.

You can request for quiet accommodation if that is something you feel would benefit you. Personally, I found certain times of year louder than others. For example, Freshers Week is always going to be that little bit more noisy! However, the rooms are usually sound proof, so I never had too much of an issue with this personally.

Technically no. Bring photo frames and alternatives. Accommodation rules can vary.

Every bedroom has a lock on it, and all accommodation it’s own specific key to enter the building. Whether this is a key fob or an actual key. It’s very secure. There are also Residential Life Students to supervise or help with any problems.

There is a lot to do on campus and it’s quite easy to fill a weekend with activities close to accommodation and in the ‘Warwick bubble’. However, there are also some lovely places to visit around campus. I did a blog a few weeks ago called ‘Things to do around the University of Warwick’, which talks about activities in Leamington, Coventry and Kenilworth.

I personally found the idea of moving off of campus quite daunting, but the University offers a lot of guidance and support. Between October of first year (if you’re super eager and organised!) to February time you usually choose who you would like to live with and where. There are lots of websites suggested by the university to help students moving out, different estate agents and even an Accommodation Fair.

Third year is even easier because you usually know how it all works.

I hope this answers a few questions! Please feel free to leave a comment and I will make sure to reply in the comments!

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