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Freedom tastes so sweet

Currently, enjoying my freedom. Living to my body clock, soaking up the sunshine and catching up with friends. The benefit of finishing first is that I can help my friends out around the house and be there to give them some motivation. Simple things like making sure the communal areas are tidy just so when they get back from a long day in the library or from an exam they can just relax with you in a decent environment. Taking out books or popping to see then during a lunch or coffee break. Since I’ve finished I obviously give off a different vibe and I can lift them up because I’m no longer stressed about exams. If you are coming back from a night out, make sure you are quiet when you get back, your housemates need good sleep to push through the final week of exams.

Last weekend, I went to see ‘The Secret Garden’ in an outdoor theatre. It was such a wonderful experience because it was in the Jephson Gardens. Having the time just to relax and enjoy productions is my kind of thing. (Make sure you look on facebook for ‘Heartbreak Productions’ and you can see what else they are up to). If you miss that, take the time to travel to Stratford and have a day trip or even watch a play. Try something different. Play some sports or try every coffee shop in Leamington. For those on campus, take part in campus events or take the time to see your friends and have flat parties! have a BBQ or just relax outside.

Call me crazy, but I have started my dissertation reading. Why? Because you will be surprised how quickly time will creep up on you. Even a couple of days of reading will be worth it. I wanted to do somethign that was very personal to me. So Ive decided to compare ancient greek religion with ancient indian religions. The ritual and the mythology is so similar between both cultures I would be silly not to compare them. The more you read the better idea youbwill have when you comr to write your dissertation. Start with simple light reading and get some ideas together. Ive got a separate folder now for my disseeationnsoeveeything is in one placr. I’m aiming to come back to campus ready to write. I will enjoy the process if it’s organised and that I have read widely so I can choose the sources I use, not just put up with the ones I had time to read. Your tutors might have limited knowledge on your topic because it might be so unique. But that shouldn’t put you off, it should actually make you more driven to find out more and become a ‘master’ of this topic. Main thing is to ensure that your dissertation is interesting because it’s such a big project.

Enjoy your summer!

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