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Foundations and Analysis I – Exam Day

Some tips for Exam Day!

Double Check:

–          When the exam is going to be! (Show up at least 20 minutes to give yourself plenty of time for any unforeseen pre-exam drama!)

–          Where the exam is going to be! (Pay the room a visit before the day or go to the exam with a friend if the room is new to you.)

–          Where you’re sitting (and remember it!)

Take everything you need:

 You must take your ID and, of course, a pen (or preferably two!). Other things you might find useful include: water, other stationary (a pencil/rubber/colours), a watch. Although, don’t take more than you need – there’s nothing worst than a cluttered desk! Think about what you use when you do practice papers. Whilst one or even two extra pens can come in handy…you probably don’t need the whole pack!

Manage your time:

 Have a plan of how you want to spend your time. Which paper do you want to start with? How long are you going to spend on each paper? (I would recommend half and half, but everyone is different, just make sure you are spending your time intentionally rather than getting carried away – be strict on yourself and keep an eye on the time!) Whatever you do, don’t spend 20 minutes deciding which questions to do or even which paper to start with – 3 hours can disappear surprisingly quickly!

If you’re stuck on a question…

–          Does part a/b/c… help you?

–          Take a sip of water. Reread the question carefully.

–          Write down any definitions/results that you think might relate to the question.

–          Do as much as you can.

–          Leave lots of space, go on to the next question and come back if you have time.

–          Don’t panic – you’re not supposed to be able to do every question easily!

Keep Calm…

Before, during and after the exam! Although, it may be hard to believe now: this exam isn’t going to determine your future! The Analysis I and Foundations papers ultimately make up a very (very!) small part of your grade. So, take a deep breath, do your best and don’t let them keep you up at night!

Best of luck!!

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