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Food on campus: For when you really can’t be bothered to cook

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We all have those days when we are completely exhausted, and just want to crawl back into bed from the minute we’re up. As comfortable as it is, lying in bed all day is unfortunately not the best for your health, partially because you sort of need to eat food to continue lying in bed in future. I have attempted to provide some alternative food options to cooking, hopefully helping on these such days.

*PLEASE NOTE: Most, if not all of these options require money, and thus it is not advised to attempt to live on this food, unless you are particularly financially stable*


The various cafés scattered around campus are a great place to grab a quick sandwich or other such bite to eat for lunch. However, in a pinch (or on a lazy day), this ‘sandwich or other such bite to eat’ can be stored for consumption later on in the day, as a sort of improvised dinner (I personally have done this several times already). Although this would not be the most nutritious meal possible (and as a result it should not be had as a regular meal), it will be enough for one night, if there are multiple things (such as a packet of crisps from the vending machines found in many buildings). There are cafés in most of the buildings on campus, and they do not shut too early either (as far as I can tell, they are still open after 6pm).


With shops, there is only really one option directly on campus, that being the Rootes Grocery Store in central campus, although Cannon Park shopping centre is not far from campus (within 15 minutes walking from central campus). This store has similar opening hours to a general supermarket (so unfortunately is not a very good option on Sunday), and it sells various things from sandwiches to sweet treats to pastry-based foodstuffs.


Across campus there are several bars and pubs that you can visit, if you want some actual food rather than just a sandwich. The pubs (notable examples include the Dirty Duck pub, located on central campus; and the Varsity pub, which is not as conveniently located but still a solid choice) provide proper meals, of course for a slightly higher price than a sandwich, and are thus a recommended choice for effortless dinner.


Of course, it is also possible to get food delivered to campus, most notably pizza, at any reasonable time. There are several different locations around campus that delivery drivers will go to, depending on which accommodation you live in, so be sure to find out which one of these points is closest to your accommodation!




Asher Reynolds | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Asher

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