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Food Galore

I have been helping out at the Psychology Offer Holder Days for the past few Wednesdays and it’s been so fun meeting some of you who have offers for the University of Warwick and read my blog! I hope you all enjoyed the day and my little appearance at the Life At Warwick talk yay, but if any of you are going to be at the last offer holder day this Wednesday on March 1st, I’ll be there! So do say hello if you spot me in the chilled out lunch session between 12pm – 2pm.

For those that are interested in how amazing the Psychology department is and would like to see the amazing spread of food that they lay out at each of these open days, then here I will insert some pictures as they’re simply so nice to look at.









The photos are probably quite pointless but the food was just so amazing that I had to take pictures of literally everything. Also at the open day were labs open for visitors to look at, like the sleep & pain lab, the Jaguar simulator and the developmental lab. There were also some 2nd year project posters available to look at!

Overall, I hope you all had a great day if you attended and it helped inform you with your decision on what University to choose as your first choice, Warwick in my opinion is obviously the best… Also, Happy Pancake Day for tomorrow!


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