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Food and Drink at Warwick

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One of the best things about going to a campus university is that all a student could want relating to food and drink is in one place. This includes cafés, restaurants, bars, grocery shops and supermarkets. And since most of them cater for Warwick students, there is often 10% discount applied to everything you buy if you use your MyWarwick card.


The place where I spend most of my weekly budget is at Rootes Grocery Store right in the centre of campus next to the Students’ Union. This is partly due to the frequency with which I go resulting from my declining effort since the start of year to cook lunch in my halls. But it’s also due to Rootes being relatively expensive, especially when compared with prices in Tesco which is located on the edge of campus. Although I recommend buying most of your food and day-to-day essentials at Tesco, Rootes is still useful in terms of its convenience. They have a wide range of hot food which is good for those who want to eat a steak bake or a southern-fried chicken burger on the go. They also have some decent deals which meet or run close to the prices seen in Tesco. However, buying lunch everyday from Rootes is probably going to cost a fair bit.


Lots of people complain about having to walk to Tesco and there are many people who live within a 15 minute walk of it who choose to get Tesco delivery which honestly amazes me. I live in Jack Martin where it takes around 15 minutes to walk to Tesco which I don’t think is particular long, especially if you are only doing it once or twice a week. But knowing where Sherbourne, Lakeside and Heronbank are, I start to understand why some people might not want to walk there. There is the option of cycling which is good for those in halls further away and there are cycle racks right outside the entrance to Tesco as well as outside accommodation blocks.  


If you’re the person who likes deep-fried food or enjoys watching football with friends, then Bar Fusion is the place to go. It’s the only place in the centre of campus where you can watch live football and it tends to get quite an atmosphere, especially with weekday Champions League matches. However, I find drink prices there slightly more expensive than other places on campus and so if it’s just a drink with friends you want, then Terrace Bar or the Dirty Duck is the place where you should be heading. The Dirty Duck is where events like musical bingo, karaoke and obviously, the Dirty Duck pub quiz take place so this is where you tend to find the relaxed sort of entertainment. Drink prices here tend to be pretty cheap too, especially if you’re using your MyWarwick card which you definitely should as getting 10% discount on your drinks for the whole year really does add up in terms of savings.


There are also other places like the Bread Oven where you can go for lunch or if you like to study in the Oculus, the café there has a selection of hot drinks to give you that caffeine buzz as well as some rather delicious snacks.


There are many other places where you can buy food and drink on campus like in the Business School, the Arts Centre or the library. However, the outlets that I use and know most about are the ones I have talked about above. I hope the insight I have given you into food and drink at Warwick reflects the many different options there are and will enable you to buy the best and most affordable food and drink. This is, obviously, very important to those of us who love food and drink!   


Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis

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