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First Year vs Second Year

Hi everyone,

This is more applicable to the current first years than prospective students – this time last year I was anxious about the jump from the first year to the second.

Surely it can’t get any harder?

There is without a doubt much more content to cover, more reading to be done and knowing that it all counts – you have to be well prepared for all of your seminars. HOWEVER, in all honesty, I don’t feel like it is too much harder. Whilst the workload is significant, I have also made really good friends, know what places I like to eat (the library cafe has become my best friend), and also learnt how I learn best. As I also chose most of my modules, I am really enjoying the content – and find myself being happy with doing my reading without it feeling like a chore! So, whilst there is pressure to do well, I also want to stress that this isn’t something you should worry about — it really does work out in the end!

Living off-campus is a nice change from being on campus, as I really enjoying being able to venture out to Coventry or Leamington Spa; though there are times where I do miss being on campus such as during lunchtime (with a kitchen right near), or when I want to play a particular sport in the evening!

Despite all of this, it is important to embrace the opportunities which arise from being a second year — and I can truthfully say that whilst first year really was great, I am enjoying my second year that little more!

~ Please don’t worry, if you can do the jump from A levels to the first year, and successfully complete the year, you can definitely accomplish your second!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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