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First Year… in a pandemic

So as a first year student I’m sure you have probably had a million and one ideas about how your first year would go; and I’m pretty certain none of them included a global pandemic. There’s literally no way to sugar coat it but it sucks. However there are plenty ways to get the most out of your year despite the circumstances.

Before I start listing out my suggestions, I want to first emphasise that you should be following government guidelines as well as University guidelines regarding COVID-19.

1. Weatherspoon’s

Now, obviously, gong outside and especially in public spaces like pubs really requires you to be responsible but a spoons trip is never not worth it. In place of clubbing, take you and five friends get dressed up if you want and go have aa great time. The drinks are cheap and the food is cheaper, I promise you- on a sunny day; a vibe!

2. Park Trips

I don’t have to describe what a picnic is but a new way to enjoy your park experience is going at sunset. Take some food, drinks and I’d suggest getting a mini disposable barbecue both for food and for warmth. Bring blankets and a speaker and simply enjoy the moment. You will feel like the main character of a coming of age film and who doesn’t love that?

3. Societies

With term starting, all societies are back at it and ready to provide you with the best Uni experience they can even during a pandemic. I definitely recommend you to follow all the societies you are interested in because the virtual event links are coming out and the events are rolling out fast. Buy membership for the societies you want to join and that way you can get newsletters every week and find out what is going on every week.

4. Artsy Stuff

I’ve spoken about the therapeutic benefits of art and creative expression and with term staring I couldn’t stress any more how important this is. Get your paint, your camera, your instruments- whatever floats your boat, and embrace it. Take time to master your craft and even if you are not a particularly artsy or creative person, play some sports. There is unfortunately a limited amount of things we can actually do so while you have the time just go for it.

5. Games Night

Games nights are actually my personal favourites. Depending on your group of friends you can adapt and manage the vibe. You can go for more social deductive games likes Mafia or something more upbeat and chaotic like twister or spoons (my favourite). As usual, get some food, some drinks and a speaker and call it a day. In halls it will definitely be a great way to get to know your flatmates and pass the time.

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