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First Year History of Art – Week 8!

Hi Everyone!

It’s now week 8 and nearly the end of my first term here at Warwick! Things are starting to get a little stressful as I have essay deadlines coming up in a few weeks, housing to sort out for next year, trying to plan who I’m going to Venice with next year and, of course, Christmas shopping to do!

Luckily I managed to finish one of my essays today which is about sculpture and I chose to write about Nelson’s Column and the ‘Gift Horse’ sculpture in Trafalgar Square after going to visit London in week 6. It was amazing to see the British Museum for the first time and to have a guided tour with our seminar tutors for Classicism, it was really interesting and insightful! I also went to the National Gallery to see the paintings in there for the first time as it was only my third time travelling to London. I hope to go again very soon!

Last week was a bit of a blur as I was so busy, I had a double seminar on Tuesday as well as a meeting and the usual Study skills lecture, on Wednesday I had the usual Classicism lecture and I volunteered to help out with one of one open days to welcome prospective students to Warwick for their interviews and to show them the department and campus, shortly after the tour it was chucking it down with rain so I got absolutlely soaked on the way back to halls! On Thursday I had a normal day and then had a night out to Smack in Leamington with some friends from my kitchen and my boyfriend and I had a great night! Its a good job I didn’t have a seminar until 1pm on the Friday or I might not of made it after the lie in I needed to recover!

We’re having a History of Art Christmas party in week 10 and this week is the first History of Art society social so that will be really exciting now we’ve finally got it started!

So all in all it’s been really fun the past few weeks but I may be a little inconsistent with my blogs in the weeks to come while I get my essays done!

P.S. To anyone who attended the open day or anyone that’s reading and would like to ask some questions please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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