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First Year History of Art – Week 5!

Hi everyone!

I’m halfway into week 5 of my first year doing History of Art at Warwick and I can’t wait until next week!

Next week is reading week for a lot of subjects which gives us a chance to catch up on any reading we’ve missed for lectures and seminars, do some research into our end of year module essays, go on trips, have a relax, or even go home! During reading week we have none of our usual lectures and seminars and we all have a trip to the British Museum in London on the Thursday which I’m very excited about! I’ve only been to London twice and I’m going to go to the National Gallery and the Tate Britain while I’m in London as I’ve wanted to go for a while.

I will also need to do prep for another presentation I will have to do in my Prints module for Week 7 and I have a feeling I will be making many trips to the Library and using lots of printer ink! I’m really enjoying the course content so far, I never really liked architecture before arriving at uni but now I find it really interesting and although I don’t practice a religion, some of the Biblical stories behind works of art are really interesting and there are many misconceptions which are so eye-opening when you’re told what things are really about and where things originate.

I also went on a Sculptures trip last Friday to Coventry Cathedral and the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery. They’re both gorgeous buildings, the gallery is full of different types of art and I’d love to visit it again to have a proper look at everything. Even after only 5 weeks I have become so much more educated on how to break down a piece of sculpture on its materials, meaning, origin and style, it’s quite astonishing. The cathedral is intriguing in the way that it has so many styles or architecture to it after it was bombed in World War 1 and a more modern extension was added to it and it has some large Epstein sculptures on the grounds as well as an impressive interior with some bright stained glass.

So all in all, I’m having a great time here at Warwick, I’m learning a lot and expanding my skills rapidly and I’m excited about what the future holds!

Thanks for reading!


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