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First week of URSS

Four days into the URSS placement, I must say I really enjoy the independence I have. I feel that for the first time I am in control of my own actions and my supervisor has provided a lot of useful resources for me to get a better understanding of my project. 

I have joined Dr. Maurer’s team for the URSS placement, and I must say it’s quite nice having my own desk, my own computer and a free coffee machine to use for endless times. For now I am just focusing getting to grips with coding and learning how to use Linux Infrastructure and the terminal window (although I have had a lot of exposure to these in my labs, I think it’s important to brush up on the basics).  

There is a lot of recommended reading that I am able to work through as well and I have been given some journal articles to read and comprehend as my research will be loosely around or similar to these papers. Books and academic journals are the key to understanding the research going on around you and to learn fundamental concepts.  

Today, we took a group picture and I felt excited about joining this group full-time for my Masters by Research in September. Although, there is a lot for me to learn and develop through this 10-week placement, I am confident that I will be able to progress a lot further using the network of support around me. 

There are endless tutorials for me to work through to gain a better appreciation of using the Linux infrastructure, VIM (text editor) and Python. These computational softwares combined with my improved computational skills will allow me to become a much more competent chemist. 

There is less than three weeks left for graduation and I am really looking forward to see all my friends again and share my achievements with my family and friends. For any questions about Chemistry at Warwick or URSS, let me know. 

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