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First week of lectures

And so it begins…..I have just completed my first full week of lectures and seminars so I decided to write a blog about how its been, my favourite lecture and seminar and other extra curricular activites I have been getting up to. I figured this blog might be useful for 2nd years as well as some freshers who are interested to see the difference that this year brings so stay tuned as I will be posting more blogs over this term about my progress. I will also post an end of term blog to sum up my 10 weeks at university so keep an eye out for that in December.

Anyway, back on topic, so I had 4 lectures and 4 seminars this week. My first lecture was Political Sociology and this week the topic was political power and the role that power plays in politics as well as in society. I found the lecture insightful but thought that after I did individual reading I understood the topic much more. I then had my Designing and Conducting Social Research lecture, this module is very similar to the 1st year module Researching Society and Culture and this week we focused on qualitative data. The readings are quite easy at the moment as it is a lot of theory that I recognsie from college and 1st year uni. Then I had a Social Theory of Law lecture, this is a sociology and law module that I decided to take and it runs all the way through 1st and 2nd term. This is my hardest module as it includes a lot of law terminology so I definitely have to focus more of my time to understand this module. I find it very interesting but the readings can be very difficult so I use extra resources on Google to help me explain their meanings.

On Tuesday, I had my Sociology of Health and Medicine lecture. This module looks really interesting, I think what attracted me to it initially was the fact that it covers completely different issues and explores new theories of bodies, illness and health. I found the lecture interesting as Simon was giving us a introductory talk and discussing the origins of medical sociology. The readings are also very interesting but I wanted to use Google again because I find the context behind the reading a great starter for further understanding.

My seminars have all been good for clearing up any confusion and discussing different interpretations with other students about the readings. My favourite seminar by far has been Designing and Conducting Social Research with Debra Bassett. She really got us interacting, using post-it notes and splitting off into small groups to discuss and then present our interpretations to the seminar group. She is great at explaining her ideas and really allows you to develop your own ideas as well, definitely looking forward to more seminars with her. My least favourite seminar was probably my law seminar, only because I am finding the work very challenging and we don’t get into groups to discuss it so I am finding that my confusions are not being cleared up. However, I intend on emailing my seminar leader and hopefully collaborating with fellow students during extra hours to help me.

Despite all the work and classes I have had, I have still managed time for extra activities because I find it is really important to take breaks by doing things you enjoy. I had my first shift at Xananas on Monday, which was great I made loads of new friends and look forward to hopefully a busier setting on Saturday. I also had netball trials on Wednesday. This was so great because I got to see all my netball friends from last year and get in some exercise (so unfit right now haha). I am also going to Neon tonight with my flatmates so I am very excited for that. I am really trying to get a balance with work and social life because it is so important that you make the most of your time here at Warwick.

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