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First week in Leamington

Hi everyone I am all you first years are excited to be moving into halls this weekend and for those already here…..WELCOME TO WARWICK! The best advice I can give you is throw yourself into everything in these next few weeks as this is the crucial time to make friends, explore societies you might like to join and get to grips with your sociology course (try and attend every session in induction week relating to your course they are really informative)!

However, that aside, I decided to base this blog on my first week so far having moved into Leamington. This year I am living with 3 new people in a flat which I moved into on Monday! Even now that I am in 2nd year I am still having those homesick moments and it will definitely be the hardest in the next few weeks having lived at home all summer, yet this year already feels different. 2 of my flatmates have now moved in and they are so nice we get on really well and we have made the flat all cosy and cute which is really important because you want to make it as homely as possible. What I didn’t realise is that there is so much get sorted, I need to get a TV license, sort out utility bills, make sure we have got all the meter reading for gas, water and electricity, buy food, module registration……..there is even more haha! Luckily I am not alone me and my flat have clubbed together to sort out the bills and keep on top of everything. Despite having lots to do I would say that I feel much more relaxed than last year as I feel more at home with Warwick now 🙂

Beside the flat, I have also been going to some preseason netball training, really need to get fit it is shocking how tired I get! I think this year me and my flatmate are going to go to a drama society taster session to see if we enjoy it I think it will be nice trying something new this year. I am careful however because I don’t want to do too much and not have time for my work. What is great about freshers though is you are not tied to any society and you can come and go as you please whilst trying out other things.

This year I am also hoping to apply for a little job where I can do a couple of shifts a week I think its nice to have a bit of money coming in each week that I can you for going out, shopping and essentials. I will keep you updated on the job front and hopefully something will turn up!

I will be posting more blogs in October as I have will more to report once lectures start and freshers has begun! Good luck to all you new freshers just relax and enjoy the ride this year. For all 2nd years I hope you are having as much fun in Leamington as I am so far! Any questions just email me 🙂

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