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First final-year tantrum? Completed it ✅

Forgive the moody sky image, which I actually took whilst running past Sherbourne the other day, but it seemed fitting for the post. Last week Friday, I didn’t attend my Russian class, because I had burst into tears in the library, and decided that perhaps it was better to head home for the day. I used to joke that if I didn’t see someone crying in the library at least once a term, then was I really at Warwick? Well, I guess it’s about time I became the example of my own rule.

Don’t worry, this is not a terribly sad blogpost, despite what the introduction might suggest. Within minutes of returning home, one flatmate had made me a tea, and another had starting baking cookies. So the tears were very much dealt with. But I do think it is important to talk about the lowlights sometimes, not for the sake of another underfunded time to talk mental health campaign, but just because university can be painful.

Why did I cry? Officially, because when I got to the library to return a book just before my class, I realised I didn’t have my laptop, and my phone would not have enough battery to act as a replacement for the whole lesson. For context: in this wonderful coronavirus-filled world, laptops have become rather essential in class to replace any form of contact (no more working in pairs or handing out paper). Now I realise this seems like a rather ridiculous reason to burst into tears, especially in the library, but I think everyone, student or not, can relate to just sometimes needing a cry. I was not really crying about my laptop. Choosing to do so in the library, or any other public place, is of course a matter of personal preference. But I firmly believe that if you’re in need of a cry, you should follow the example of any baby, and just cry it out, public-place or not.

I suppose we are all in need of a cry at the moment, in light of the unprecedented circumstances. Without wanting to cause every boomer to whine, I would say it is one of the worst times to be a student. With a new update every day about how we receive teaching, daily reminders about how the job market is worsening, and a complete lack of opportunity to drink-and-embarrass-oneself out at whatever nightclub is your favourite, it seems that there is increasingly less things to smile about. Of course, the university is doing it’s best to make us feel normal, but realistically, nothing is quite the same during this new normal.

There are many aspects to my life which I could pinpoint as the reason why I cried, but for me that seems less important. Of course, if there was an actual reason that was making me cry, then it is crucial to address why and change the situation. But I think, like most others finalists, the charming combination of uni-work, part-time jobs, job-applications (everyone’s favourite part of final year), social-life and the impending socio-economic crisis is just taking its toll. And, like most other finalists, Friday was the day when I realised there is little I can do to control this. Naturally, the age-old combination of organisation, preparation and prioritisation can help control even the busiest of schedules. But it is important to remember that sometimes it is out of your control, and you’ve just got to let it out.

So once again, I have reached the end of my blog and have said nothing majorly concrete. But I suppose if you’re like me, and having a bit of a stressful time right now, just cry it out with me. I certainly felt better after it. And if you have flatmates who will make you white chocolate and cranberry cookies, then really, what do you have to lose?

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