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First Day of Term and my Last Year

The day has arrived it’s the first day of term, the uni campus is heaving with new students trying to find there way around and generally doing well at getting lost! For me today something else more important is happening (only because I’ve been in pain for 7 weeks). I’m having my wisdom tooth out and I can’t wait to have no more pain in my mouth, ear and face! My first lecture is tomorrow morning, so I hoping that I will be ok after my operation to be able to attend, I really don’t want to miss my first lecture.

This term I’m looking forward to meeting new people and starting my new modules. I’m hoping this year doesn’t go to quickly, however my previous 3 years have gone so fast that I’ve got a feeling I’m going to blink and it’s all over and I’ll be graduating before I know it!

If you’re in your last year this is a good time to seriously start thinking about what you want to do when you finish. If you have no idea make an appointment with the careers service they are very helpful and will show you different ways and options you could look at. For me I would like to do an MA is Social Work, so at the moment I’m looking at the different ways to do this and where I can do it.

Also make sure if you can to do some voluntary work to gain experience, plus it’s a good way to make connections and relationships with people who could help you get to where you want. They also have experience, skills and knowledge that you can take advantage of.

Enjoy the first week of term and making new friendships throughout this year. Good luck everyone and enjoy the ride!

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