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First and Second Year….The Differences

It is only now that we are coming to the end of term 2 that I can write a blog about how my life has changed and what the major differences I have found between being a first year and being a second year. Don’t worry, it’s not any worse but there has definitely been major changes in second year.

1. You spend more time travelling! Listen up first years, make the most of your 10 minute walk to lectures because that all comes to and end if you live in Leamington and you have to get the bus an hour early! If you need any advice about transport I’ve just written a blog about it.

2. Second year actually counts towards your final mark. Everyone is definitely much more serious in terms of getting work done and aiming to achieve the best they can. It is also worth acknowledging that the marking criteria is tougher, so you could end up dropping a grade or getting lower marks but don’t worry you can bring it back. The best advice I can give you is go to the lecturers and seminar tutors about everything and anything you are unsure or worried about because you won’t get it right unless you know what the standards and expectations are.

3. Living conditions change. I am now in a flat, there is four of us all together but what I appreciate the most is the social area. On campus the only social area is the kitchen, which I know can get a bit tedious so when you get a living room everything is so much better I promise you. It is somewhere to chill out and chat with your housemates rather than just staying in your room. Also, you are living with people that you’ve chosen to live with, so you’re much more likely to get on and have similar interests and do the same things.

4. More nights out in leamington. When I was a first year, travelling to leamington for a night out was a bit of an effort but it was worth it so now that I live in leamington I can go to Neon, Smack, Altoria and the Duke to my heart’s content. There are more bars, pubs, takeaways and clubs than campus, all of which meet the criteria for amazing nights out.

5. You make more friends in second year. I lived with people that I didn’t know this year and now they’re my best friends at university and I’ve met more people through them. In second year you can join new societies, explore new social spaces and go to more house parties where you meet loads of new people.

For me, second year has been the best year so far and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything! So if you’re loving first year or not as much as others, then second year is bound to be even better!

Email me if you have any questions 🙂

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