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Finishing My Summer Internship

I am currently at the end of my 11 week of my Mars Summer Internship, so next week is my final week! The 3 months I’ve spent here have flown by – it only felt like I joined yesterday. However, it has been an amazing experience and I’ve learnt so much, not only about the world of business and working life but also about myself as a person. I wish I could stay here longer, although I am seriously excited about having a few weeks of chill time before I return to Warwick for my 3 year. In turn with this, I can’t wait for my final year of University so I can reunite with all my pals, get up to loads of fun stuff and get back into the groove of the Warwick world. It makes me really sad to think that this will be my last year at Warwick, I don’t know where the last 2 years have gone and I envy those who are coming into their 1 year.

Regarding my Summer Internship, overall the experience I’ve had has been amazing. Of course, every internship will be different depending on the organization you work for, however I’ve been lucky that mine has given me immense breadth and exposure to different things, besides the function that I’m working in (which is Human Resources). I’ve been working on a variety of projects, the most exciting being launching an Instagram page for Mars UK which I can now leave as a legacy when I leave. I’ve also been working on Employer Reputation and helping promote Mars as a great place to work through different outlets and forms of creative assets. It’s also been great to get to know the other Interns and Industrial Placement students – we have our own little community!

Some key tips I have if you obtain a Summer Internship are –

1. Have confidence in yourself and your opinions

2. Network with everyone and anyone, so make sure people know your name

3. Constantly reflect on your personal development

4. Have a strong drive for results, so be sure to perform and produce great quality work

5. Find people that you can relate to and make you feel at ease e.g. Grads, Interns

6. Create peer relationships that you can carry on once you leave the business

7. Enjoy it before the short amount of time runs out!

I would highly recommend you apply for Summer Internships for your 2 year at Uni, as it helps to give you a foot in the door when applying for Graduate jobs at that organization. It’s also an amazing thing to put on your CV, or even better – LinkedIn! I created my LinkedIn profile whilst I’ve been working at Mars and I’ve realized how great it is to network with people and obtain jobs. There are internship opportunities on there also so definitely make a profile if you don’t have one already. Be sure to go to the Careers Fair in October at Warwick, as there you’ll be able to find out more about the different internship opportunities available.

I could talk about my personal experience of my Internship for ages, so if anyone has any questions about my experience then I’m happy to discuss with anyone who wishes to do so! Or I can also provide tips on applying for internships and succeeding once you’re in the job. It is key to leave a great impression since you’re only in the business for a short amount of time, so you want the employees (especially the Senior Leaders) to remember you and want you to come back after you finish Uni. My managers at Mars have said that they would love for me to return once I finish Uni, so I feel happy that my job is complete! Good luck for those who will be applying for internships and graduate jobs in the 1 term of the upcoming academic year – it’s a stressful time but push through and apply to as many positions as you can! It will all be worth it in the end. Please remember to put any questions you have in the comments below!

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