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Finished assignments

Currently in the land of bliss. I have finished all of my assignments and they were difficult. The questions were considerably harder, and this was evident when I was trying to write my essay. It took longer to actually think of ideas and link them together to write an essay. These took more thinking time. They were enjoyable I love writing essays, because it’s all about exploring different ideas.

Now, I’m catching up with work that I have missed and I am enjoying my reading. I’ve got seminars and other lectures to be preparing for. I’ve also got 2 essays due in term 3, so there’s nothing wrong with planning and getting ahead of the game. But I do need to rest, my brain is so exhausted. All of my society commitments have thankfully maintained. They are such an important part of my university life. I performed at a hip hop society event where there were various acts, including singing, spoken word, DJ’s and different musicians, even dancers. It was a successful night where we were all celebrating the diverse styles of music and dance. As I have always said, keep trying new things, because you never know what door will open with new opportunities.

Take the time to relax and enjoy your final weeks at universtiy. I’m reading things that interest me and I’m finally doing things that I’ve been putting off because I’ve had too much work on. The sun is out, it’s time to reconnect with myself and remember why I love being a student.

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