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Finding your way around campus

Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying your summer I certainly am having just been to France for a week. I travelled down to Angoulemme and spent the week sunbathing, eating delicious french food and relaxing with a glass of pinky! Bring on V festival!

So I thought I would write a little bit about Warwick University campus as I’m sure a few of you may be slightly concerned in relation to finding your way around the campus because if you have visited on an open day you will already know how big the campus is. Well, having been living there for three terms I am much more relaxed now finding lecture halls and tutor rooms. What I have found is that most of my sociology lectures and seminars have taken place in the humanities building but also in the social sciences building so I would definitely recommend you getting familiarised with their layout. They are situated in the centre of campus near the engineering building and are very easy to get round.

I found that once I received my timetable which has all of the room numbers and building names on them that after a week you start to find a routine and remember where everything is. I suggest getting up early especially the first week of lectures so that you give yourself plenty of time to find the rooms just in case you get lost. Also, I always brought either my laptop or a notepad and pen to lectures, whichever you prefer it is more important to listen to what the lectures are saying than writing everything down because you receive a lot of revision material during exams. It is best to over prepare than under prepare for lectures also try not to get into the habit of leaving a lecture and going to your room to chill. Read up on what you’ve just learnt or do some research it definitely helps it sink in and deepens your understanding.

If you are interested in sports finding your way around campus is also easy because many sports take place at the sports centre which is located on campus opposite the psychology building. For netball especially in summer you will play at the Lakeside courts which are quite tricky to find at first so definitely leave yourself at least 20 minutes before the session starts to find the courts.

If there are any further queries about campus that people are concerned about people email me because we have all been in the same shoes and I’d love to help anyone feel at ease with the lay out of university campus. Make the most of summer everyone before university starts and the work begins!

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